Frequently Answered Questions and answers

How does it work?

Escape Rooms are rooms that are filled with a lot of hidden clues, hints, keys and puzzles which will have to be solved in order to progress and eventually escape for the room. This real life version is based on Point and click computer games which were very popular in the late 90s.

How do I book? Can I just show up?

We require bookings in advance. Please call or book your appointment at least 1 hour in advance. We do not accept walk-in bookings, unfortunately.

What will happen when we arrive?

First, you will come here and be greeted by our smiling employees. :)
Then you will be asked to place your mobile phones, bags and etc inside a locker(You can not bring cell phones to the game, also not alcohol or drugs) and to hold on to the key. Then we will tell you a little about the game, what the rules are, how to contact us for hints and the general goal of the game is: to escape within 60 minutes. If you have booked the appointment for 10:00am, then we will let you into the room at approximately 10:15, after the information has been given, possessions stored, trips to the bathroom taken, etc. When you are locked inside the room, you will have to use your eyes, mind and perceptive senses to seek out clues and solve a variety of puzzles in order to escape before the time runs out.

Can we book on short notice?

Depends on our availability. We close our online bookings two hours prior to game start, so at 17:05 it will no longer be possible to book the 19:00 slot, but you may book the 20:30 slot. However, you can give us a call and if it is free then of course you are welcome to come and play! :)

Is it scary?

This depends on which room you choose. Cold War Espionage is not a scary room, and can thus be played by anyone really. There will not be anything designed to startle, disturb og make you uncomfortable in this room.
Our other room, Escape The Gallows is not designed to be scary, but it is dark and there are a soundtrack playing in the background which some might consider scary. There is nothing designed to startle you in this room either.

I have claustrophobia, will I still be ok?

Yes, we think so. We appreciate it if you tell us beforehand, then, in case you are severly uncomfortable and want to leave then we can let you out. If you give us a heads up in advance about your condition, you leaving will not count as a loss for your friends(They can stay and keep playing). You will still have to pay for your participation, though.

Will this be safe to bring my children to?

Sure, you can bring your children to both Escape the Gallows and Cold War Espionage.

I have to cancel, how do I cancel?

If you booked your appointment online, you will have received an email confirming your booking. In there, there is a link you can click to cancel. Of course, if you booked by phone or simply can not find the email don't hesitate to contact us per phone.

What are your prices?

The prices can be found here

We are six people, can we please be six people in the room?

No, we are sorry but we do not allow bigger groups than 5 in a room at a time. This is both due to space and difficulty.
(We have to make the games so that 2 people have a possibility of escaping, because the game gets progressively easier with extra people.
Our maximum amount of people is 5 persons

I am handicapped, will I be able to play?

Cold War Espionage in Festningsgata 52 is possible to play even if you are handicapped, but you have to be in a wheelchair less than 80cm wide. Our other rooms are more difficult to manouver around in when confined to a wheelchair.
As for other disabilities, it depends on what type of disability you have. Good hearing is not necessary to play per se, but in other to receive hints through audio, it would be best for you to have someone with you.

I understand you have student discounts, how do they work?

We provide student discount of 10% on the per person price to anyone who presents to us a valid student id. The ID has to be from a Norwegian university and feature a picture for identification.
Ie: If one person on a five person group shows a student card, he/she will pay 234NOK, while the rest of the group pays the regular 260NOK per person.

How do you rank difficulty?

Our games are ranked according to difficulty. We calculate this according to how many groups escape. Easy games are escaped by about 45% of the groups. Medium games are escaped by about 33% of the groups and difficult games are the hardest to escape. They are escaped only by 20% of groups.
We have no difficult rooms for the moment.

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