What is an Escape Room?

Escape Room Kristiansand is an exciting real life escape game in the middle of Kristiansand. You and a group of friends are confined to a room, full of hidden clues, locks and puzzles for 60 minutes. Your goal is to solve all the puzzles and escape with time to spare!

What to expect?

Our challenging game room has a variety of puzzles that challenge your mind, attention to detail and efficiency in your quest to beat the clock!

Our staff will be monitoring your progress through cameras mounted in the room, and should you get stuck, they will provide hints to get you back on track.

Who is it for?

We provide an exciting game for everyone: friends and family, business partners and colleagues, tourists, gamers and students
Escape Games are an excellent teambuilding activity suitable for all ages.
(Children under the age of 16 admitted together with parents, or guardian)


An unknown terrorist group has infiltrated a Soviet bunker in Kazahkstan. The terrorist has no name, no demands and apparently their only goal was to fire a ballistic nuclear missile towards a Western country before fleeing the soviet nuclear base

The missile is now moving towards Paris and if not stopped within 60 minutes it will surely provoke a swift retaliation from NATO, leading the world into Nuclear war.

The cold war is getting hotter!

Can you stop the rocket before it reaches Paris??


Europw, 1238AD

You and your accomplices have been charged with conspiracy against the king and thou shalt meet the executioner at dawn! The gallows have been prepared for your hanging!

Can you escape before the executioner comes to get you?


OSLO, 1984

A woman is arrested under suspicion of espionage for the Soviet Union. Under the interrogations she has refused to pass up information as to where the top secret documents she supposedly has in her care is located.

Our informants tell us the KGB is on their way to her apartment to locate these documents, can you find it before they arrive?!


You are being hunted!

A psychotic doctor has killed his colleagues in a brutal way, and YOU are his next pasients. You are locked in the hospitals basement. In the distance you can hear him approaching.

Can you escape?!


Group Size Price Per person
2 persons 800NOK 400NOK
3 persons 1080NOK 360NOK
4 persons 1360NOK 340NOK
5 persons 1500NOK 300NOK

To book an exciting game with us, roll up and choose your room. Press BOOK and follow the instructions to book.

Frequently Answered Questions

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Any questions?
Look in the FAQ over. If you can't find the answer here, contact us on email on contact@escapekristiansand.no or eventually by phone on +47 45 81 79 81

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